Did you hear the angels singing yesterday? That was to celebrate the relocating of the chickens from the kitchen to the chicken coop. J. worked for nearly the entire weekend non-stop, and just has a little more to do this afternoon. He got enough done that the chickens were evicted. They'll get the run of the run by tomorrow. It's probably just as well they had to chill inside the coop for 24 hours to get settled. They were a little overwhelmed by the experience.

And then the ducks arrived. While all this coop building was going on, the ducks were having a grand time out in the pen with their wading pool. Not much upsets a duck. Well, except it seems, when they are surprised upon returning to their suite after a dip in the pool to find it infested with chickens.

I peeked in the window at one point to see how things were going. It was like the poultry version of West Side Story. Well, with less dancing and a bit more quacking. The chickens, all 21 of them, were squeezed as tightly as they could get into one corner. The ducks were a bit more spread out in the other corner, but walking around and doing a lot of quacking. It as is if there were long ongoing discussions as to how to rid themselves of this nuisance. The chickens on the other hand, just acted as though they had suddenly found themselves in an episode of The Twilight Zone, and had to escape from the zombie ducks from Mars. It was actually a little amusing.

The second time I peeked in, the huddle of chickens had loosened somewhat, but the Jets and the Sharks were still very much circling around each other.

Here is a photo of the outside.

The trenches are dug, wire laid in and covered. A good portion of the wire is up around the outside. The coop has its window, and the roosting bars are up. Tomorrow J. hopes to finish with the wire, add a door into the pen, and cut a hole in the coop for the chickens and ducks to use to go back and forth between the coop and the pen.

But the chickens are out of my kitchen!! I have already taken out the brooder box and done the first of probably many vacuumings of the floor. Today I hope to begin the really deep cleaning that the kitchen needs. I may actually want to spend time in it and cook in a bit!


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