Free verse - A dog triptych

In the midst of All Math, All the Time, L. (age 8 1/2) has decided to write poems. Here are her latest works. (Well, technically, these are the translations of her latest works, her spelling is still on the more inventive side, though she can now read it back consistently.)

The Sunset Dog
One puppy, alone and scared
In the mist, as thick as fur,
And bone that stared with icy eyes
A glimmer in the dark.
And then he strayed
And was never heard
His sharp bark cried out, "I'm done."

Kenzie, the nicest dog
His fur is gold, his head is soft
He really is the best.

Olive the dog
She can run as fast as a fox.
Although her brain is tiny
She really is smart.

And in other animal news, if you are in the horrible never-ending ice age of the north, you might not know that along with your being miserable, small birds are in a critical state. Read about the Bird Emergency and the simple things you can do to help these animals survive until spring actually arrives. The page I've linked to will give instructions as to what food to provide and how to warm any birds suffering from hypothermia which you may find.


Line said…
Je suis très impressionnée! L. a beaucoup de talent (et un excellent vocabulaire).

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