Equal time

After I posted L.'s poems yesterday, G. reminded me that she wanted to be an artist, and decided it would be best if I put a picture that she drew up on the blog next. So that is what I'm doing.

Super Panda

Let me tell you a bit about Super Panda. In his tool belt, he is armed with (from right to left): Silly Spray which makes people stick to things; a candy that makes him turn so cute that other people freeze; boomerang; more silly string in case he runs out; a hot dog for a snack; another snack; a hook gun which hooks onto things so he can climb them; a baby bottle for his drinks. He's holding a bamboo sword. 

Here is Super Panda next to Pandy, who is never very from from G.

This girl adores pandas, can you tell?
I have another new article published: This is Why Photolistings are Important


Line said…
Et elle a beaucoup d'imagination! Ses deux pandas sont adorables.
thecurryseven said…
Les deux filles ont beaucoup d'idées dans la tête!


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