Playing with quail eggs

Because one of my greatest abilities is to become consumed by something that doesn't really need to happen, and then focus on that thing to the exclusion of all others, I'll show you what I did today.

These are the quail eggs I cleaned out a couple of months ago. They will hang on a little tree and become the table centerpiece for Easter tomorrow.


But wait, I also played with fresh quail eggs. Q. is laying pretty consistently, and they had accumulated again. I decided to try making deviled eggs with them for dinner tomorrow.

And with a salt shaker to show how very small they are.

And that sums up my day. Laundry? No. Cleaning the kitchen? No. Anything other than taking care of animals and playing with eggs? Nope, this is pretty much the sum total of my day.


Amy said…
I love the quail egg ornaments!!!
Maria said…
With what did you paint them? They are beautiful!
thecurryseven said…

I used the Martha Stewart pearl paint and glitter paint. I liked using the pearl paint far more than the glitter stuff.

Wow! The ornaments turned out gorgeous!

And LOL at the tiny deviled eggs.

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