Our weekend in pictures

This weekend was good, but definitely of the sort where the coming of the next week sounds rather restful. The first thing was did was celebrate M's 25th birthday, though it was a couple of weeks late. I'm learning that with adult children, you celebrate when you can.

Yesterday, J. and the older people also started making the shed for the chicken coop. While it wasn't snowing, the air temperature did feel like 25 degrees, or so B. told me. I stayed inside and did laundry and made cherry pies for M.'s birthday dinner.

This morning, we get home from church to discover that the chicks all of a sudden decided that their brooder box was too small. They showed this feeling of impending claustrophobia by deciding to gang up on four of the chicks, and peck them until blood was drawn. Sigh. After quickly consulting the internet and the chicken book, we took the injured birds out of the box and put them in whatever containers we could find.

The bird in the plastic drawer if particularly amusing since every time we open the drawer to check on her, a chicken head immediately pops up. This also necessitated a trip to the nearby feed store to buy chicken medicine. "Buy chicken medicine," is another thing I get to check off my bucket list. Tonight, J. will enlarge the box, and we'll figure out a way to quarantine the injured chicks inside it until they heal.

Thankfully, the biggest weekend event, the coop, is now much further along.

B. helping L. hammer some nails.


D. and B. at the top while J. and M. push the roof piece up.

By the time dinner was ready, the roof was on and the door was tacked into place.

While the coop was being built outside, I was planting seeds inside.

That's all very farm-y, huh? We are definitely not in the city anymore! In the meantime, every two hours, the ducks would peep extremely loudly, which we have learned is their signal that they are out of water. Again.

This is what they look like. They stand there, peeping, while looking at their empty water and then somewhat accusingly at the person who comes to see why they are making so much noise. They are hilarious and messy and huge, but at least they don't peck their fellow ducks until they bleed.


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