Friday bullets, March 23, 2018

I still have a few hours before I have completely missed Friday.

  • My seed ordered arrived today! There is a slight chance I might be a bit over confident as to what we can actually do garden-wise this year.
  • P. also has some big news... she is now officially the newest driver in the house!
  • Does this happen to anyone else? Some weeks, fruit sits around and around and around, barely getting eaten. Other weeks, days before I am due to go to the grocery store, I look and the fruit bowl looks like this.

I wish they had some sort of indicator light so that I could know in advance and buy the appropriate amounts.
  • We are studying China right now, and I was a little stumped as to what to do for our dinner. We have Chinese food fairly frequently, and it's not so out of the ordinary for us. I decided that we would do a more labor intensive meal that I don't usually do. In this case, it was jiaozi, or dumplings. Y. has been looking forward to it for days. J. helped with the wrapping, and reported a certain degree of chaos. I'm pretty sure without Y.'s mad jiaozi-wrapping skills, they would never have gotten done. Here is the final product.

It's hard to see the actual dumplings, but due to me only being able to find square wrappers, and many children of many abilities doing the wrapping, they didn't look quite like what one would expect to see. They were delicious, though, and definitely made Y. extremely happy. 
  • It was more of a party than usual because we had some friends join us.

Their mom was one of the first friends I made out here, and is currently very close to delivering twins. So we are having a little slumber party.
  • A. has a new phone, and has been practicing using its camera on Olive.

  • Have I told you about Q., the guard quail? The dogs like to bark whenever they see someone or something outside. Really, it's often just too much. We've discovered that Q. must think this is what animals do. Whenever the dogs start barking at the windows, we'll see Q. turn, look out the window intently, and start to chirp loudly, right along with the dogs. When they stop, she stops. Somehow I don't think the fierce chirping of a quail would cause an intruder to have second thoughts.
  • We are due for some rather chilly weather tomorrow, though it seems we will be missing the snow which was originally forecast. This is very good because tomorrow is the day that M. and B. are coming out and will be helping J. to put together the new coop. It will be a little more pleasant to do so with it not snowing.
  • Last Saturday, we took our younger people to our church's egg hunt. There was a spot to take a photo, so did. Or maybe I should say we tried. This. This is why we have so few posed photos. It's as though a camera focused on our children interacts weirdly with their muscle function and causes them to lose the ability to smile.
  • Have I decorated those quail eggs I so carefully cleaned out? No, I have not. How on earth did we get to one week before Easter? For that matter, how did we get to the end of March?
Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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