Extreme introverts should never have to move

If you hadn't figured it out yet, I am pretty much a classic introvert. I need time alone. I enjoy peace and quiet. I do better when I can think about things for a while. And while I enjoy most social interactions, I find them exhausting. This is true even for people I know really well and whose company I enjoy. Even then, I find I need to sit quietly for a while and recharge my battery.

Days like today, make me realize how very much of this is true. It was one of those days of moving from one event to another. First, I had the monthly homeschool group I've been attending this year. It's been good. I enjoy it. And while I've met quite a few people whom I feel comfortable talking to (you know, minus the whole introduction, yes, indeed, I do have 12 children-thing), it's still all new enough that it is extra taxing on my people margin. From there we came home, grabbed some lunch, and then I was out the door again, this time with P. who needed a regular physical.

Normally this would also not be terribly taxing, but we are still figuring out our new family practice, and I had yet to meet this particular nurse practitioner. I never quite know what to expect, and I admit that it is very difficult when meeting new doctors to keep the chip on my shoulder somewhat hidden. (This comes from just enough difficult doctor and therapist interactions to put me on my guard until I get to know someone.) Thankfully, I really like this nurse practitioner, so all was well.

When we got home, my friend who also moved from the city to halfway across the state at the same time we did, had just pulled up with her children. We had arranged for them to come and see the chicks and ducklings, and so we moms could have a chance to visit. This was fun, and I enjoyed it. It is so nice to have at least one friend in the area who knew me before we moved. Even better, when I arrived home, helpful children had cleaned the kitchen, walked the dogs, and had given the ever thirsty ducklings yet more water.

When our friends left, it was teatime, followed by me hiding for a bit in my room while also trying to finish my Bible study homework. Because, yes, the day wasn't over yet, Wednesday nights are also when I have my women's Bible study I've been attending this year. This is also pretty low key, since I've gotten to know the women in my group, and the newness has somewhat worn off.

All good things, nothing was physically taxing, but I am exhausted. I realize that this is how I have spend a good part of this year. The constant meeting new people, introducing myself, and remembering who people are over and over and over it taxing. There hasn't been a lot left over. I find I don't want to talk on the phone much, and when I am home I am quite content to keep myself busy there. I have only missed people dropping in to visit a little bit.

I know that as we put down more roots here, build deeper friendships, and just become more comfortable that life won't feel quite so tiring when I'm not at home. I know that at some point we will have built relationships where people will drop by again unannounced to visit. It just takes time. And in the meantime, everyone who does know me, please excuse my need to play hermit more than usual. Well, as much as someone with twelve children can be a hermit.


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