And we have a reader

Well, another reader, actually. L. spent the weekend reading her first Boxcar Children book, finishing it before dinner on Sunday. I love seeing new readers sitting with their nose in a chapter book. She has announced that she will read the second one tomorrow, but then started to fret about what she would read after that. (There must be some genetic component to that specific worry.) I happily announced that we had dozens of Boxcar Children books. She shouldn't run out for weeks and weeks. All the children in the room then started disagreeing with me. "No, we don't have those books."
"I think we used to."
"A. said you gave them all away."
"I haven't seen those books."

And then I begin to have vague recollections of the massive purging that was happening this time last year. You remember... when I was trying to downsize our belongings by half? Well, since this time last year all three girls were far, far away from reading independently, I guess I decided that we didn't need quite so many early series chapter books. At least one series had to go, and it looks as though Boxcar Children was it. How was I to know that this would be the exact series that L. would decide to fixate on? I have promised everyone a library trip soon.

Eight children down, four to go for reading fluency. G. and Y. are very, very close. I'm sure they will not be far behind.


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