Not the homeschooling poster child

Not all homeschooling days go well.

If you are an experienced homeschooling parent, with experienced here, meaning for at least one week or more, you will completely agree and resonate with that first sentence. I think this is important to say sometimes. Homeschoolers, especially newer ones, can fall prey to the assumption that other homeschoolers always have good and productive days. That they always get through their list. Their children are always cooperative. The parent is always on top of things and enthusiastic. If I were just to share the successful moments, you would think that this is true around here. But it's not. Oh, no, no, no... it most certainly is not.

Take yesterday morning for instance.

I got up late. This is never a good start to the day. It means that the masses are just a little too far removed from breakfast to be at the top of their form. And when it is also a Monday, well...  I had a feeling we were doomed from the beginning. Some things were hard for some people. Some people did not want to count by 9's like their math book had them doing. Some people did not want to count by 6's like their math book had them doing. Some people got to play for a long time with the activity boxes for the day because counting by 6's and 9's was taking other people far too long. Some people did not feel like doing their piano practicing. Other people managed to avoid doing their piano practicing because those 6's and 9's managed to derail everything. Some people's mother might have suggested that counting by 6's and 9's might be better done in an actual school. At the very least, some people's mothers would not then have to listen to the horrified screams of the children being forced to count by 6's and 9's; that someone else, in another building entirely would have the privilege. Or not, because it was also suggested that screaming about 6's and 9's might not even happen for another person. The question was raised as to why this mother got to be the one to enjoy the screaming about 6's and 9's.

Tomorrow, our schedule will be done backwards, so that the people who played all morning while 6's and 9's were not being counted get a chance to work. Maybe we will also be able to get to the travel journal and map work that we ran out of time for yesterday as well.

The morning was not a total loss. R. put together Mr. Potato Head in a recognizable face all on her very own. Everyone did their handwriting page, but it came before the 6's and the 9's. L. did a good page of reading for me, and is very nearly fluent. But, that's about it. The rest was a wash.

I expect today will be better. Days usually are after a really rough one. I know I don't enjoy days like that, but I don't think my children do, either. The key is to let the bad day go and not dwell on it. At least not until you've written a blog post about it. They happen to everyone, even to the people who don't admit to it.


Carla said…
I love this. Thank you! I don't homeschool and I sometimes think when I have days like this it must be because I don't homeschool. I appreciate the reality check that this is just what life is like, and kids are kids and moms are moms no matter where you are or what your schooling looks like.

Your blog is a blessing to me! Thank you for sharing real life.
Amy said…
Must have been something in the air on Monday since I was threatening one of my children with being schooled somewhere else. I know writing five sentences on a topic of interest is a lot to ask of a bright 5th grader and the child also pretended he didn't really understand what needing to double check ones math means even though it has been explained dozens of times. Funny how a child who is adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions with ease can't get the right answers for 6-2 or 13-5 or other such basic math facts. Maybe it is because they are rushing through their work. No that can't be it. I told this particular child that if they want to be done with school for the year, then we can retry 5th grade again next year. Suddenly this child magically gained the ability to write coherant sentences that made sense and took some extra time checking their math. Yes, Monday was not a fun day and I was thinking why can't I run away alone or with my husband for a month to Hawaii.
I don't miss days like that, but I do miss having my favorite people around during the day. Incidentally, they don't fling themselves on the floor whining or sobbing about "not getting it" (a bio child, lest you think I'm being heartless to a child who really might not get it for good reasons) when schooling in a building with peers and a teacher who doesn't love and adore (and tolerate) them.
Juli said…
Oh my day today! A month is Hawaii with my husband is what I need. I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with eating chocolate in the bathroom.

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