Bullets a little early

I am about to head out of town to Arizona to both visit my mom for a long weekend and to do a little piano judging in the process. So, I'll do some bullets now, and this will have to tide you all over until I get back on Monday.

  • Our shed arrived, all 1000 pounds of it, disassembled on a pallet. Now all we need is some warmer weather on a weekend to start putting it together.
  • Olive is 8 months old today. I don't have a recent picture, but she is big. Very big. And still a baby. Just a great big giant baby. Oh, and she's pretty cute, too.
  • K. continues to recover quickly. He is still a little limpy when he walks, but he hasn't needed pain meds in nearly 24 hours, and I've noticed his speed picking up and he has stopped using Y.'s old crutches. I'm considering hobbles to slow him down.
  • We have a large commercial greenhouse across the street from us. We are used to having the lights on in different buildings during the night, but recently we've noticed that one of them is bright pink for a few hours each night. It's pretty, but baffling. Anyone know why they would use pink lights to grow plants? 
(Photo credit TM. I tried... and failed... to get a good picture.)
  • L. still will not sit on the red cushions I bought for the dining room. She will either choose a youth chair which does not have a cushion, or she will push the cushion up so it's behind her back and she does not have to sit on the offending item.
  • I am not good at packing, and tend to over pack. I am the queen of the what ifs... For instance, in my small carry-on bag, I have crammed four pairs of shoes. I hate to be unprepared.
  • It is not the shoes which make it heavy, though. I have also crammed four different books. The horror of running out of something to read while in an airport or on an airplane is to great to contemplate.
  • Yet another internet service provider has told us we cannot be provided with internet. The reason? Too many trees to see the cell tower. Sigh.
  • You want to know the absolutely most difficult thing about raising 12 children? It's the paperwork. All of the paper for medical appointments, prescriptions, forms for camps, forms for mission trips, registration forms, evaluation forms from all the doctors' appointments, insurance (THE WORST!), forms and papers, forms and papers, forms and papers. I think I just have it taken care of, and then another pile appears that has to be dealt with. Raising the children is the easy part. Fulfilling every other person's paper needs is truly horrible. I'm surprised I don't have nightmares about literally drowning in paper.
  • Here is my small PSA for all parents. Remember, when your child is exhibiting anger, it is 99% likely that the anger is a convenient emotion to avoid dealing with the sad and/or scared feelings that is really the issue. Not that we have been dealing with this over here at all this week or anything. Heh.
  • Q. keeps laying eggs. We have over a dozen now. I'm going to have to do something with them soon. I have a plan; you'll just have to wait and see what it is.
And with that, I shall have to stop and continue on with my to-do list in order for me to leave town. Enjoy your weekends!


Carla said…
What happened to your Kindle? That might ease a bit of the packing burden...
Donna said…
By homeschooling you dodged the biggest form/paperwork bullet of all -- school! The number of forms to fill out PER CHILD with the exact same information is mind boggling. Name, address, parents, emergency contact...and the same thing on the next form and the next and the next. It's maddening. Glad those days are over! :)
Enjoy YOUR weekend!
Alicia Mae said…
The thought of running out of reading material really is the stuff of nightmares. Hope your trip goes well!
c smith said…
Plants only need the red and blue portion of the light spectrum to grow so by using bulbs that only emit those greenhouses save tons of energy costs over white bulbs which use all colors of the light spectrum. They're relatively new so maybe the greenhouse is trying them on a trial basis?

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