Winter walk

The holidays are over, the temperature is not only in the positives, but in the double digits as well, so it seemed a good idea to get back to walking Kenzie in the forest preserve every day. 

This is made more comfortable by the fact I bought myself some new winter boots. We had credit card point, so those combined with a great sale, gave me a wonderful pair of boots at an affordable price. You can't tell, but they are red plaid. Very woodsy.

Winter out here is proving to be far different from winter in the city. It seems much more manageable. First, there are more places for the snow to go, so I am not continually trying to back my van out onto a busy street, while avoiding the piles of snow which narrowed my driveway. With no turning radius, this always made me hate leaving the house. Now, I have no narrow driveway to back out of onto a snow-narrowed street. It is so much easier, and so much less stressful. Also, with a lot more open space, the snow stays pleasant to look at. It's been since Christmas since it really snowed, and for the most part the snow everywhere is still white, rather than dingy grey to black.

Also, I don't have any idea if we have had more than our usual amount of snowy days, but my typical descent into the winter blahs has yet to happen. With the three large sliding glass doors all along the south side of our house, the amount of light that is let in is amazing. Even with cloudier days, I feel as though I'm getting more light than I used to. This is a very, very good thing.

Having this place to walk, even in winter, has also been fabulous. Walking and being outside, always lift my mood, and to be able to do so with real scenery as well... I'm feeling very blessed this winter.

Our house is right there in the picture below... just over the rise. I'm hardly that far from home, though it feels like it. Children have come to find me, if they suddenly need my presence.

Kenzie really enjoyed his walk. Both he and Olive are feeling a little housebound. Kenzie usually has pretty good leash manners, but today, he just couldn't help himself. He was so glad to be out and walking and sniffing. He is much more of a scent dog than we've ever had, and spent most of his time with his nose to the ground like this. I think there is very little Labrador in him.

I am looking forward to spring, but mainly because of what spring brings: continuing to fix up the property, adding some animals, finally working on doing what we need to get horses. For once, though, it's not because I cannot take the weather for one minute longer.


Donna said…
Being able to take a spontaneous walk out in nature without having to drive there...that has got to be the best part. You aren't just visiting it: it's waiting for you every day. I am thankful that this amazing property found you.

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