Toto, we're not in the city anymore

K. is doing as well as can be expected. His hip hurts and he is truly hating the restricted diet he is currently on. He also is finding a completely enclosed nasal passage to feel a wee bit odd and uncomfortable. But let's talk about things other than unhappy children and surgical procedures, shall we? I'm ready for a change of topic.

Last Saturday, J. and I loaded up whichever children wanted to come along (there were 7 of them), and we all headed out to the nearest Farm and Fleet store. This was our first time in such and store, and it was a revelation to the children. They loved it, and oohed and ahhed their way around. There was an actual reason we were there, though, and not just for the amusement factor, though that was pretty high. You see, we had to go and place our order for chicks and ducklings.

On March 7, I will drive back out, probably with a lot of children in tow then as well, and pick up twenty chicks and five ducklings. These chicks and ducklings will then get to move into their brooder boxes which will probably be living in my kitchen. I have a feeling that this will be one of those things that is kind of fun for the first few days, and then will quickly grow old. This will probably in direct correlation to the size of the growing birds. I've also heard that ducklings, while incredibly cute, are also kind of stinky and very messy. They may have to be moved to a different room in the house once the initial novelty wears off. It will be motivating to us to get their coop in the backyard done.

Speaking of which, this morning, at some point, we will have a shed kit delivered which we bought last Sunday. It will need to be constructed and then converted into a proper pen for the new birds. It's all very farm-y isn't it? Everyone is very excited for the little baby birds to arrive, but due to our complete novice status as far as this goes, I've forbidden people from naming the birds. Anyone want to place a bet on how long this naming ban lasts?

Oh, and to those who are curious, for the chickens (all pullets), we ordered five silver laced wyandottes, five barred rocks, five cinnamon queens, and five Easter eggers, you know, the ones who lay pastel eggs? The five duck (all hens) will be khaki campbells. All of these birds are supposed to be excellent layers as well as friendly and docile. The other plus is that the chickens are supposed to devour Japanese beetles. Oh, how I hope so!


Molly said…
We absolutely love our hens. We live in town and currently have 3. We have done it from chicks twice now. I would say, let your kids hold the chicks a lot. My hens are very used to being handled, don't nip and are super easy to pick up (they don't run away generally). I feel that this is in direct correlation to them being picked up and fussed over multiple times a day. And yes, you will be ready for them to go outside after about the first 10 days. How fun! :)
Maria said…
You have to make a trip to Rural King in Plano. They have bunnies and chicks right I'm the store. And free popcorn! Snacks and critters. ...what could be better?
thecurryseven said…
Molly, I have no doubt that these will be extremely well-socialized birds. Or traumatized birds. I can't decided which way it will play out.

Maria, Thanks for the tip. We've added to our list of places to visit.

Amy Gozelski said…
Or cinnamon queens are champion layers with sassy dispositions. We love them. My one piece of advice? Get that coop finished ASAP. You will want them outside very, very soon. Trust me.

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