January thaw

The weather is goofy. We spend a couple of weeks never getting above -4. Then we get a bunch of snow dumped on us. The snow sticks around for a while, and then melts in nearly 50 degree weather, to be followed by more snow. At least it's not boring.

Earlier this week was one of the unexpectedly warm days, which saw many children playing outside. They started out playing near and in the small creek that runs across the front of our property, and then went exploring with TM. You can tell it is warm, based on the lack of coats on any of the children. TM also played photographer and got some great shots.

Y., G., L., H., and K. in front

Near the creek

G. and L.


H. and Y.

TM and Y.


Donna said…
Pictures are excellent, TM!
Anonymous said…
Thanks :)

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