Coordinating dresses

It's been a crazy weekend with little time to be home and feel calm and in control. It's all been good stuff, just a lot of it. I do not thrive with this type of schedule, and try to avoid it as much as possible. Sometimes, it's just not possible to avoid it. Monday isn't looking as though it's going to improve much. We'll see what Tuesday brings. In theory life should calm down then. We'll see. And then we have K.'s bone graft surgery scheduled for the 29th, so in some ways, I won't really feel as though life has settled down until we are through that. All this is my way of saying, don't expect a lot as far as posts go for the next little bit. All is well, just a little crazy.

A while back I shared about the dress I had made for G., and that I was making one for L. Well, that dress is not only done, but the girls decided to wear them at the same time, so I could get a picture. Sort of. These dresses are working for them at the moment, because, as I was informed, they don't match, just go together. They only like to match when they come up with the idea.

Here are the dresses. And a brief pictorial essay about why posed pictures just don't seem to happen much around here.


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