Tree trimming party 2017

Having a family party with lots of treats, some friends, and getting the tree decorated and decorations all put up has become a family tradition around here. It gets a little trickier as people get older and have different schedules. A. missed a lot of it because of work, which didn't make any of us happy. She was there at the beginning and very end, though.

Before we could start in on the party, we first needed a family photo. I may do this every year. Get everyone home from church, and while they are still in their dress clothes, hold lunch and comfortable clothing hostage until the photo is taken. We actually got several good ones to choose from this year. I rather remarkable feat considering there were 14 people and 2 dogs. (We decided that adding the cats and quail would be a near impossibility.) Here is one of the out-takes which cracks me up. The odd perspective makes it look as though it is "Family picture with giant dog in front". What I do like is that you can see the side of the house so nicely.

And then it was time for the party... and food. We also had M.'s roommate who has now joined us for probably more than four years, and another family friend. In a rare instance of not being long-winded, I'm just going to share some of the many pictures and not say anything. I think it's pretty evident what is going on. I took some, D. took some, and TM took some.


Marge Stromberg said…
How nice to see that Gunnell could join you.

Anonymous said…
I was happy to see Q in the picture....I am a bird
person, have 2 cockatiels and a Nanday parrot.
Thank you for sharing your family pics....I
love your piano, at 71 I am attempting to teach
my self to play....the boys looked like they were
having fun....wish I could hear them play.
Merry Christmas to all of you, plus the
mary m, age 71
vancouver wa.

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