Down the rabbit hole

G. and L. continue to be master players and masters of imagination. Yesterday, at various turns, I had authors (which involved a very long and complicated story about a family of sea horses), potters (until we ran out of clay, and then great plans were made for when I got them more clay, including making all their own cups and plates for the pretend restaurant they run out of the playhouse), parachute makers (which also doubled as a pet bed, which along with the pets, joined us for a piano lesson), pet shop keepers, school students, teachers. And those are just the ones I can remember.

They are probably the very best thing that could happen to K. and Y., as G. and L. tend to pull everyone in their wake down the rabbit hole with them. Last night, after dinner, it was suddenly high school. All four were in high school, and diligently doing their homework. while J. read their bedtime story. As I tucked K. and Y. in, they were both very anxious about tomorrow. They both had reports due, and they would both have to read them in front of the class. What if they didn't do well? Did I ever have to give reports in front of the class? Was China really in Asia?

Yes, I was soothing anxious school fears for a completely imaginary situation in an imaginary school which doesn't exist. I can't make this stuff up.


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