Do not believe the cats

See these two?

They are waiting, oh so patiently, outside the utility room door. This is the room where they are fed. They have learned that sometimes someone will enter the room, see the cats waiting, oh so patiently, and they will get food. Extra food. Food that is not part of their daily food schedule. One cat is unlikely to get extra food. Everyone knows that this usually means the cats have been fed, since they are not both there, waiting. They are smart cats. They have figured this out. This happens so many times throughout the day, that a very common question can be heard, often more than once. "Have the cats been fed?" When the target person walking nearby does not provide extra food, the cats walk away as if they weren't asking for more food anyway. After a suitable time has passed, they will regroup and try again.


Donna said…
that's hysterical.
Perhaps a sign on the door that says Fed on one side and Not Fed on the other. Every night it turns to Not Fed, and whoever feeds can turn to Fed.
Probably too much work, and with all those smarts I guess the cats deserve an extra feed now and then!

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