Awash in boxes again

With the holidays upon us, I was realizing that there were things packed away in boxes stored in our storage locker. Quite a few boxes had been living there because I couldn't figure out where it would all live, and had kind of resigned myself to waiting until we were finally able to build some more storage to get it all out.

This did not make me terribly happy, as I routinely used much of what was in those boxes, especially around the holidays. It also seemed a little silly to pay to store things which weren't being used, and that we had no room for. I was stymied.

On Friday, I had a brain storm. What if I used the closet under the stairs for china-type storage? (Yes, we actually have a closet under the stairs, and for a brief moment, D. thought it might make the perfect bedroom for him. Just for a moment, though. It is not terribly large.) The only problem with this idea was that I had already filled that closet up with boxes and boxes of old family pictures and things of that sort. We did have a crawl space they could go in, if I were to replace the cardboard boxes with something sturdier and more vermin-proof. So that is what I did.

Having pulled out all those boxes and transferred their contents to sturdier storage containers, I suddenly had a whole new space. J. built some shelves, and we were off to the storage locker to bring back a whole bunch of boxes.

This many boxes, to be precise.

I'm always amazed at how much less space things take up when they are not wrapped and packed to withstand the moving process. All of those boxes produced all of this paper.

And after having unwrapped everything, I then began to sort it out into new homes. Some of the things I found places for around the house, but a good portion of it went in my new china pantry.

I like that I can see everything all at once, and even though I have it pretty well crammed in there, I can still get to it all. In the bin on the floor are all our placemats. It's not ideal, but better than being in a box several miles away. On the other side, J. is putting up hanging rods.

This way, I can put the tablecloths on hangers and hang them against the wall. It will be a bit tight, but once again, better than being in a box in storage.

This gives us just the Christmas decorations, Easter baskets, and a few odds and ends in the locker. Once we bring the Christmas decorations back, we think we have found a place for them to be stored in the house. The Easter baskets will most likely fit there as well. Then we just need to finish bringing over the last few odds and ends that shouldn't be too difficult to find homes for, as much of it is gardening-related items and can live outside. It will be great to be able to let the storage locker go, and to not have to pay rent on it anymore.


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