The ER trip we missed

On Monday, A. woke up complaining that her eye hurt. Being the kind and caring mother that I am, I told her she probably had something in it and to flush it with some water. She decided to keep her contacts out because it was hurting so much. I thought this was a good idea, since you don't want to scratch your eye by putting in a contact when you have debris in your eye.

Tuesday night, A. woke up with it still hurting, and complained that she got hardly any sleep because her eye was bothering her so much. I decided that this sounded a little bit more severe than merely something in her eye, and suggested she call the eye doctor and see if they could see her. Thankfully, she had already established a relationship with an eye doctor out here because she had needed to get a new prescription for contacts earlier this summer. When she called, they first had no appointments, but when she said there seemed to be something really wrong with her eye, they squeezed her in.

Well, it turns out there was something really wrong with her eye. It turns out she had developed an ulcer on her cornea caused by a bacterial infection. The doctor prescribed some antibiotic eye drops which she was to put in every half an hour for the first three hours, and then every hour following. He wanted to see her the next day. This is when he informed her, that if it wasn't looking better, he was sending her to the ER, because the ulcer would eat her cornea if left unchecked.

I'll pause for a moment while you blink your eyes a lot and possibly squirm a bit. I know that's what I do every time I think about it.

Yesterday, she went back to the eye doctor. I held my breath to see if she would call me and tell me to meet her at the ER. It was a happy mother who heard her pull down the drive after her appointment, instead of hearing my phone ring. The swelling is definitely better, and the doctor thinks it looks better. A. is to continue putting in the eye drops (they hurt, so it won't be fun), and see the doctor again next week.

I know we will be visiting the ER at some point. I even know where it is. But I guess this wasn't to be the visit, thank goodness.

I'm still squirming about the cornea-eating ulcer, though.


Yikes! Might be time to find the local hospital and urgent care center, just for future reference!

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