Junk hauling, take 2

Right after we closed on this house, we had to have a junk hauler come in because the previous owners had left so much stuff behind. Two large trucks worth of stuff. Even as we were collecting it all, we knew we weren't going to be able to get every last bit of it. We managed to get the stuff from the house and the two outdoor sheds hauled away, but there was still a ton of old lumber and metal and who knows what that had been piled up under various bushes and trees around the property. As summer went on, we had to leave the grass growing around these piles, because there was no way the mower could go over them. It made an odd patchy look to the yard.

As I mentioned on Saturday, M. had spent some time out here to gut the trailer, in preparation for completely rehabbing it. The entailed creating quite a pile of debris, as M. and various siblings tore everything out down to the studs. The solution was to hire our junk hauler to come and collect the pile. Since it was such a nice weekend, it also seemed the perfect time to finally do away with the rest of the junk we inherited, and split the cost of the junk truck.

Here's what will be disappearing later on today.

This pile is mainly from the demo on the trailer.

But, all this wood, and...

most of what you see here, we pulled out from under trees and bushes. Yes, that is approximately 10 sheets of rotting plywood. There were also large plastic hoses, odd shaped metal pieces, and other useless garbage.

It felt so good to finally collect it and know that it is going away. Another item checked off the list as we work toward actually putting things in and not just throwing things away.

In that vein, you want to see my new barn? Well, at least where my new barn is going to be? We also spent some time measuring and marking so we could see what the footprint will actually look like and to live with it a bit.

See it? Look for the orange cone. I'll get closer.

That's a little better. The larger orange cones are the corners.

Here we're looking straight at it, and those smaller cones you see mark the center aisle of the barn.

Then there'll be one pasture here on the north side of the barn,

and another pasture (and dry lot) here on the south side.

Since it was a nice day, Q. got to come outside for a bit.

This cage works great for him, since we can just lift off the top, and put it down on the grass somewhere.


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