Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy 17th Birthday, P.!

Yesterday was P.'s birthday, but we celebrated her birthday on Saturday. This is because the youth group at our new church was having their big kick-off event with a big scavenger hunt in downtown Chicago, and J. and I signed up our three high schoolers. P. is a good sport, because this was not her chosen order of events.

Some pictures from the rather low key celebration. (P. also does not appreciate having a fuss made over her birthday.) This little bit of hilarity was complements of A., who first gave P. a joke gift of a knitted troll hat with pink, fluffy hair on the top. (Oh, so not P.) This is A. trying to get it on P.'s head.

Then she gave P. her real gift, which was a movie P. had been wanting to see. (No wifi, here remember, so gifts of DVD's are very much appreciated.)

Then P. opened the gift from us. We still owe her a couple more, but she absolutely cannot think of a thing she wants (you know, other than a horse or a miniature donkey), and could only come up with fruit roll-ups. So she got fruit roll-ups.

I don't have any candle pictures to share, because we don't sing to P. anymore. It makes her happier. Besides, she only wanted cookies, and they are difficult to stick a candle in.

So Happy Birthday, P.! I love you so much. You always surprise us, and keep us laughing. I love your dry sense of humor, your intelligence, and the calm and patient way you have with animals. I also love how kind and caring you are with R. I so wish I could put a bow on a horse or two for you right now, but we are working on it. I am so glad that you are my daughter.

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