The Big Wean... plus some marshmallows

We spent the day travelling to and from the neurologist. If you are wondering why I would continue to go to a neurologist that take nearly two hours to get to, I'll tell you. I love having a doctor who listens to me and takes me seriously. I told her about my hypothosis that R.'s seizures were not true seizures, but were psychogenic. Psychogenic being a fancy word for seizures brought on by mental stress and anxiety, not by a physical cause. As a result, we are going to continue to work on making R. feel safe, and at the same time, begin the wean off all the medicine she is currently taking. I am really, really hoping that being off so much seizure medicine will help her to function better cognitively. Really hoping.

The neurologist continues to be amazed by H. and R. Based on their EEG's and MRI's, they should be be having at minimum, daily seizures, and little strength or facility on their right sides. This is not the case for either of them. H. has such good function on her right side now that the neurologist couldn't even really discern a difference.

We'll start the wean tomorrow.

But let's talk about something a little more fun. Yesterday, the masses decided that they needed to collect firewood, in order to make s'mores. This meant that I needed to add s'more making supplies to my grocery list, but it was a beautiful evening...



Y., with K. in the background

K., L., and G.

The sun was setting as we were finishing up.

There are a lot of wildflowers around the fire pit.





While we miss you terribly, I am so happy that you are in a fun, new place. Look at all that land to run and play!!

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