Meet Olive

I know you were all thinking, "Boy, now that the move is over and everything is unpacked, things must be pretty dull in the Big Ugly Barn." Never fear. We don't really do dull around here, and always seem to have some little bit of craziness going on to keep all of you entertained. A. is responsible for this new little bit of excitement. She had been trolling Great Dane breeders for months, and eventually won over her father and me to getting one. Yesterday was the big pick-up day, so A. and P. drove to Indiana to bring home a puppy.

Meet Olive.

I'm kind of liking this way of having a puppy around. Olive is so cute and so little and so cuddly... and I don't have to do anything except enjoy her puppiness. A., on the other hand, was up the entire night because it seems that Olive is not yet terribly happy about her crate. J. and I slept very well.

Here are some more pictures from yesterday.

Considering her parents are both about 100 pounds, she is a tiny little thing.

This is the game we call, Pass the Puppy. Everyone loves Olive. Well, everyone except Nefertiti, but she isn't terribly thrilled about most people and animals. Poor Olive has already gotten her nose batted. Nefertiti is quite a big bigger than Olive... now.

We were even able to go out and see the show and not have to stay home to watch the puppy. The show was great, and we enjoyed it. Here are some pictures from afterwards. Some of the characters were posing with audience members afterwards.

TM noted that in our family, it would seem that only the Asian children enjoy having their picture taken; the white ones huddled far, far away to avoid the whole thing.


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