I know it's a holiday, and we will be celebrating with friends later on, but pretty much my day has been spent unpacking boxes. The movers arrived yesterday, and inundated is really the only word to describe the feeling of watching the movers bring in all of our personal possessions. I had purged a lot. (Really, you can ask the haulers who cleaned out the house. We left A LOT!) But as the movers were bringing it in, I kept panicking, thinking, "I should have gotten rid of more! There's nothing like everything... furniture and hundreds of boxes... just sitting where ever in a house to make you feel, even briefly, that it will never all get sorted out. While there are still piles of boxes everywhere, nearly every room has at least the furniture sorted into place.

Last night, I tackled the living rooms and dining rooms, while J. put together endless numbers of beds. Everyone got to sleep in a bed last night except for me and J. We gave ours to A., whose room will double as the guest room. The old guest room bed went with B. to his new apartment. We are working on ordering a bed and buying a mattress, it just hasn't happened, yet. You know you have asked your family to sleep on the floor for a good long while, when they all wake up in the morning complaining they didn't sleep well in their beds because it felt so odd.

Want to see the progress we've made so far? Here are a few rooms.

Here's what is currently the dining room. We have the old kitchen tables now in a square. It is a bit tight, it works. It will be a little less tight once I figure out what to do with those boxes.

The living room. I'm really happy with how the piano fits, and this little part of the house is looking almost homey.

From the other direction. Yes, I suppose I could have moved the giant IKEA bag, but I didn't really see it until I looked at the picture.

The end of the living room looking towards the front doors.

The TV Lounge. I needs another chair or something, but it's a start. I have the CD's and DVD's are all organized, as well as....

the game closet! Look at this! They all fit... neatly! I cannot convey how satisfying I find this. On the other side (there are sliding doors, so this is just half of the closet) are the puzzles and a few more games. I've already had a few people look at the puzzles, games, and DVD's and say, "What's this? I didn't know we had this!" Clearly my old storage system was not truly workable, and a lot of things got lost. This is going to be so much better.

Now, I will go back to doing some more unpacking. We will eventually get to the holiday part of the day. Enjoy your 4th of July!


Rebecca G. said…
It is very satisfying living vicariously through the move into a new home in a new place. Like looking through a shelter magazine but oh, so much better because it's real! :)

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