How about some bullet points?

I am so out of any type of schedule, I truly have no idea what day it is. The fact that it was Friday completely missed me yesterday.

  • I fear I will never get these boxes unpacked. I know I will, but there are just so many of them. 
  • Today J. gave D. a lesson on how to ride the tractor to mow to the grass. D. managed, but did say it was harder than it looked. Also, in farm child-type news, the stable next door, will hire one child a day to muck out stalls. It's good money. D. did the first shift, mucking out 18 stalls.
  • When B. was here for the 4th of July, he set-up the bee hive back behind the fruit trees to see if any bees would move in. Well, when J. checked two days ago, bees were coming and going, so sent B. a picture. Today, even more bees are coming and going, so it really looks as though a swarm has moved in, and they are not just stealing the bit of honey B. had left in the hive. 
  • Besides not knowing what day it is, I cannot seem to keep enough food in the house, nor get on a regular shopping schedule. Aside from the whole move disruption, I think the reason is that I need to figure out what stores I am going to go to. We have an Aldi close, so that's good, but I need something more than Aldi. What I want the equivalent of my nice little grocery store that had amazing produce and meats, as well as a huge variety of ethnic foods. Foods, I might add, that I am now pretty used to buying. For example, I was picking up some things at Target yesterday, and decided that I would also pick-up the few things that I needed for dinner. There was no pita bread. How can a store not sell pita bread? Does anyone else find this unusual?
  • Probably the biggest news of the past 24 hours is that J. and I actually slept on a BED last night. I real bed... frame, mattress, everything. It was lovely. On M.'s recommendation, we ended up ordering a foam mattress that gets mailed to you in a box. I was a little skeptical, but since neither of us really wanted to go visit mattress stores, decided to try it. (A 100 day free return policy that did not involve us trying to get the mattress to go back into the box sealed the deal.) It was a little squishier than we were expecting when we first opened it, but by bedtime, it had firmed up a bit and was actually pretty comfortable. Of course, after over two weeks of sleeping on the floor might color my opinion a bit.
  • I tried going to a local farmer's market today. I was at the tail end, so didn't find anything produce that I wanted, but did happen to see a guitar store, so went in and found P. a guitar teacher instead.
And now I should go, as we are eating (another) late dinner. Someday life will go back to normal, right?


Anonymous said…
We got that mattress! And it's been a while. (Looking). NOVEMBER we got that foam mattress in the box and we still love it! Hope you do, too!

Amy said…
We got one too if it's a Bed in a Box and we still love ours 4 years later. It's still in great shape. I would buy another one.
Dylan Lovell said…
It has to be absolutely exhausting to be so busy that you cannot even keep track of the days. Beekeeping is absolutely wonderful, not only is it great to have the added income of selling the local honey but it also really helps the environment and keeps them pollinating. Those bed in a box mattresses are supposed to stay pretty comfortable. Hopefully you keep getting the rest you need.

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