Friday Bullets, July 14, 2017

And it's Friday again. Days certainly do blend in with one another when all you do is spend every hour unpacking boxes.
  • Our bed continues to be really comfortable. I had gotten used to waking up in the middle of the night (even before we were sleeping on the floor) feeling vaguely uncomfortable, and then having to take a bit to go back to sleep. With this new mattress, I haven't woken up in the middle of the night at all, all week. It is wonderful.
  • Did I tell you about the screeching cat? That would be Nefertiti in the middle of the night a few nights back. J. and I were woken up by the most awful, and loud, screeching. It was definitely animal-like, but we couldn't really identify it. So, we go downstairs, with a little trepidation. What we see is Nefertiti looking out one of the sliding doors at one of the barn cats from next door. We wait a moment, and we here the sound again. Yes, indeed, it was coming from Nefertiti. I didn't even know a cat could make such a sound. Lower it by several octaves, and you would have thought that  lion was in our dining room. Evidently, Nefertiti was totally outraged by the other cat's presence. The other cat seemed completely unconcerned by Nefertiti's roarings. We finally had to carry Nefertiti upstairs and shut her in our room, because it was obvious that she was not going to be quiet if left downstairs.
  • D. is currently taking a class at Aurora University on inventions. He is enjoying it, and loves the fact that he receives both high school and college credit for it. 
  • If posting is still spotty over the next weeks and months, it is because we don't have our internet situation totally sorted out. Currently, we are using phones and hot spots. The phones work fine, but are not great of writing on. The 10 gigs of hot spot get used up extremely quickly, which then makes it hard to use my computer. It is an imperfect situation, but it is certainly better than nothing.
  • We seem to have landed in library heaven. We have not one, but two very nice libraries equidistant from our house. And, outside of the Chicago are, it seems that library cards work everywhere. D. and I discovered the new library yesterday. It's sort of like having two different branches I can use, depending on which direction I'm driving. 
  • 36 boxes later, we have this.

And this.

But we also have this.

Yes, I'm working on the school/sewing/craft room, and have been for the past two days, with no end in sight. The room needs an official name. I think we will settle for 'library, but that doesn't really seem to encompass all that it will be used for. I thought perhaps 'atelier' would work, but that may be too pretentious to stick. Thoughts or suggestions? 

To show my progress, though, the toy loft was completely filled with boxes when I began. (TM and I had to move all the boxes out of the SS and C room in order to rearrange the bookcases. You can see there are only a few left to deal with.

  • As you can also see, there has been a lot of block play happening. I think the smaller people are thrilled to have toys to play with again. Usually I will make them clean up their creations at the end of the day, but I let K. keep this up a little longer, because it was so cool. Can you tell what it is? It's a theater. See the rows of seats, the stage (complete with backdrop... the red blocks), and wings for the actors to wait in to go on.
  • You might start seeing more pictures on the blog, since TM helped me figure out how to get pictures of my phone and onto here.
  • Speaking of my phone, I'm willing to eat crow. I do like it, and it does make life a bit easier. Go ahead and say, "I told you so."
  • I'm very excited. A piano student gave me a book gift certificate as a going away gift, and my order arrived today. I have The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World by Iain McGilchrist, Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind by Scott Barry Kaufman & Carolyn Gregoire, and Arne& Carlos' Field Guide to Knitted Birds. You have to see the cute birds on the cover of the last one.

Aren't they adorable? I can't wait to finish sorting and organizing (and finding) my knitting supplies and knit some birds. I'm also excited to read the other books. I need to finish the unpacking so that I feel as though I have more reading time.


Meatloafers said…
The photos don't appear!!! I'd sure like to se them...
Aunt Ginny said…
Wrong name, sorry! I'm really aunt ginny! And I still cannot see the photos...
Amy said…
Neither can I.

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