A hike in the backyard... or finally, a day of rest

Yesterday we tried another church. This was as different from the first church that we tried as it could be. This one also has real possibilities for our family. More about that later, though. First I want to share our afternoon yesterday.

Yesterday felt like the first Sunday that we moved that was truly restful. We try to keep Sundays low-key and family oriented, but the first few after the move were anything but. There was just so much that had to be done, and the house wasn't in any way terribly relaxing. I think we have turned a corner. Well, as long as I don't look too hard at the back patio, that is. It is still very much a work in progress. 

So today, with the gorgeous weather, we decided to take a little hike. A hike I might add, that did not involve first getting in the car and driving for a while. My sense of being given a vacation house that I do not have to go home from continues. J. and I took all six younger people with us on our little adventure. (D. was resting after having worked a couple of hours next door at the stable, and since A. was at work, was also on Olive-duty.) Kenzie went with us. He is a good hiker.

Before we get to the main part of the hike, I want to share some pictures of the Queen Annes Lace that is growing in our yard (and everywhere else at the moment). What fascinates me the most is the way the flowers bloom. See that funny on the plant below? It suddenly opens and becomes a big white flower.

And yes, this is actually Queen Annes Lace, and not its look-alike, poison hemlock. I checked. Phew.

And now on with our hike. If you cross our land, there is a hay field behind us which belongs to the stable next door. We walk alongside of it to get to the forest preserve behind. You can see some of the forest preserve across the field below.

There is a little path that allows access from the hay field to the forest preserve. Here we go...

You would never know we live just minutes from here, would you?

But if you look closely, you can see the stable back there.

There is a picnic area partway around, where we rested for a bit, filled up water bottles, and some people used the pit toilet.

R. wasn't entirely sure she was having fun.

G. filling up her water bottle.

H. was also hot and tired. 

And then we were off again.

A peek into the forest.

There is eventually a path which lead directly into the woods, instead of just skirting its edges. L. and K. really wanted to continue, everyone else really did not. I volunteered to go ahead, and J. continued home with the more tired people.


K. and L. - You would never know they were doing this voluntarily, would you?

We made it back home, though there was a moment of L. trying to crawl part of the way back because she had decided she was too hot and tired to go on. The promise of a Popsicle at home, got her back on her feet again.

We then just rested and enjoyed the day. Y. did some more practicing on teaching herself to ride a bike. Currently, she is working balancing while she coasts down the drive, which has just enough pitch to be useful. She is getting the hang of balancing, and can even put her feet on the pedals some times. This is the tricky part, because she cannot always get her legs to go the direction that she wants, and they often get tangled up in the pedals. This child is nothing, if not determined, and wouldn't be surprised if she really does figure out how to ride a bike, something that this time last year, I would have said she would never be able to do, based on her mobility. I should know by now to never say never when it comes to my children.


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