Quail Mansion

A good friend came over and spent the day with me and we dug out packed up all the third floor playroom toys. We even got to K.'s room, which was really just a continuation of the toy packing. And she made me a really yummy salad for lunch. It was the most fun I've had packing yet.

And then just as she and her children were leaving, a great big box arrived. (It says a lot that I was as excited about the size of the box and the bubble wrap inside than the item that was packed in it.) It was the giant rabbit hutch that I ordered. No, we are not getting rabbits. It's for Q. (Who may be going to turn out to be a boy after all. We're still not sure.) Of course, everyone insisted that we OPEN IT UP and TAKE IT OUT and PUT IT TOGETHER. RIGHT NOW! Delayed gratification is still a developing skill for some of these people.

Here is what we ended up with. It's as though Q. started out in cardboard shack and suddenly found himself in a penthouse. He wandered around making worried and hesitant chirps for a while. Here he and the new house are.

Isn't this a cute picture? I didn't take it.

Here's the whole thing. It's made to house two large rabbits, so our one little quail has plenty of room.

A very cool feature is this lid that lifts ups. It is so much easier to get inside than his box was.

One happy, and vaguely confused, quail.


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