Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hello New House

The closings went off without a hitch, and so now I can finally show you where we are living. 

Welcome to the Big Ugly House Barn! (Yes, it really is a converted barn, and while I love it, there are more than a few things about the decorating that allows us to retain the Big Ugly description of our home. Plus, we've become rather attached to it.

This picture was taken a few months ago, so the trees have a lot more leaves on them. I also have been spending every waking moment trying to sort out the mess of what we brought with us, and have not been terribly diligent in taking pictures. That will have to wait for future posts.

Speaking of future posts. I am currently sitting in the Town and Country Library in Elburn (which is very nice, by the way), where I went to make use of the free wi-fi, and get a library card. I'm not sure the librarian took me quite seriously when I said I 'needed' a library card, but it was absolutely true. I now have a happy stack of books sitting next to me, and life already feels a bit more settled. But all of that to say that we still don't have wi-fi sorted out at the house, yet, which makes it difficult to do much of anything these days. If you need me, call my cell phone, and cross your fingers that a) I hear it b) it has money on it, and c) it is charged. (Yes, I'm going to break down and get a smart phone. J. is working on figuring out the best way to take care of phones and internet.)

The littles returned from camp, and all had a spectacular time. They are adjusting to the new house, but I don't think it will take too long, given how much they have already played outside. Now TM and D. are off to boy scout camp. They miss the fun of living in one room of the house while the floors are redone this next week. 

All in all, we are doing well. We have no idea where anything is, and are still figuring out how to use appliances and things. But I think it is all going to work, and that this house is going to fit us very well. I am really quite in love with both the house and land. The land in particular is so beautiful. I keep feeling as though someone has let me live in a vacation house, and then has told me that I don't have to go home. 

One of the best parts so far, is that M. and B. were able to join us at the new house on the first night, so all 14 of us were together in our new home. It just seemed right. And since the P. Family mom was a big piece of making that puzzle work, she was there the next day, too, so got to see it. And take a family picture of all of us in front of our new home.

This is the good one, here is one where only one person is actually looking at the camera.

If you are curious, this is the drive that goes from the road, down the side of our house, to the parking area. There are big maples all along the side of it, and a big garden in front of the house on the other.

So, hello new house! We are so excited to settle in and make new memories together!


Jessica Hockett said...

So, so happy for you all! The new house/barn looks amazing. What you've "lost" in lake you've "gained" in land.

Carmen Brantley said...

Looks like a beautiful home! May the Lord bless your family as you start a new journey there :)

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