Thursday, June 29, 2017


It took moving to a new house where we couldn't get internet and a week living without internet connection to push me over the edge and get a smart phone. I now have unlimited data, as well as a hot spot so that I can do basic things, such as pay some bills and blog.

I thought I would share some before and after pictures of the the inside of the house. We have spent this week living in the kitchen while the floors of the rest of the house were being redone. The installers are almost all done, and it is looking wonderful. I'm glad we went ahead and had this done. First, the before pictures.

This was taken before we bought the house, and I show it to you merely to let you see the carpet which was in nearly all the downstairs rooms. This is the living room, by the way.

Upstairs we had a cacophony of carpet colors. This is just a mere sampling. But now...

This carpet is going up both stairs as well as in all the bedrooms of the second floor. It is a terrific improvement.

And this flooring is going down in all the places where that carpet used to be. I am really loving how it is turning out. 

In the interim, we have all been spending a lot of time in the kitchen all week. It's not so bad when it is not raining and we can be outside, but yesterday was a bit like being cooped up in a hotel room with 9 people and a dog, with workmen using power tools in the hallway outside. Today is much better as we have more of the house open to us and the weather is cooperating.

The only hitch in my well-laid plans is that the contractor I carefully set-up to remove the wall between the dining room and living room never showed, despite repeated emails and phone messages. I have no idea what happened, but boy, is it frustrating. J. found someone at work who does construction on the side who is going to come by today and take a look at it. Then, when the wall is finally out, the floor guys will return to patch the small space that is left. I have no idea if this will all be done before the furniture arrives on Monday. Grrr.

In the meantime, I've read some books and done some gardening. See my new little vegetable bed I made? It's not a lot of vegetables, but it's something, since I'm pretty sure we're not going to get to a bigger garden this year. It also has some of the iris I brought from the old house (which came from my parent's house years ago.)

This is along the south side of the shed we have. It's where the little tractor/ride-on mower lives. How crazy is it that we have a shed with a tractor?

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