Belated birthday gift

In our family, girls at age 13 get to have their ears pierced, if they so desire. H. did, so that was one of her birthday gifts a year and a half ago. Since her birthday is in the middle of October, I was waiting until her sisters could join us to make it more of a party. And then the holidays hit. And getting ready to travel for Y. and R. And the whole next year, where she turned 14. Every so often she would ask, and I would mentally put 'get H.'s ears pierced' back on my to-do list. Where it sat. And sat.

This morning, the H-S Family was back in town on their way back to the west coast, and I was asked if we would like to come be part of the party when MY H-S got her ears pierced. I said, yes, not only would we like to come, we would join the ear piercing party. So this afternoon, H., P., and A. and I headed to the store to join our friends to have a little piercing done.

H. before she got her earrings. This look is saying, you say this will be OK, but I'm not so sure.

Getting her ears pierced. (She did great.)

New earrings! (She chose little, sparkly, multi-colored flowers.)

MY H-S and H. with sparkly ears.

I may not have packed a single box today, but I did say good-by to all of my piano students and check a major to-do item off my list. I think it still counts as a productive day.


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