That was a long day

We spent the afternoon at the new house so that architects (aka my good friend H-S Family mom, who conveniently also happens to be an architect), contractors, and flooring measurers could come and do their thing. There was a lot going on. Plus, I brought all the little people so that they could see where we were going to be living. They enjoyed running around and looking at things, but I think it still had a feel of someone else's house, so that heavy-duty investigations will wait until we've actually moved.

The contractor brought up some issues that we will need to think about and how it all fits into the triage list of what to take care of first. Having a HVAC guy come out, it quickly rising to the top. The heating and cooling systems of the house, while there, are all a bit wonky, and possibly expensive to run. But we received some good news, too. The wall I would like taken out before we move in, shouldn't be a problem, and adding a larger dining room onto the back of the house also seems to be a fairly straightforward process. And I still love the house and the land is still beautiful.

The ride out there and back, though were less than enjoyable. It was very warm today. It is also the day that we discovered that not only is the air-conditioning not blowing cool air, it is not blowing any air at all. The fan seems to be broken. It was like riding in an oven on wheels. (The window situation on a large van does not lend itself to a lot of air flow.) I stopped and bought the overly tired and hot children some ice cream before we headed back. At five pm. Right in the middle of rush hour. I'll be calling to take the van in tomorrow to get the air fixed.

On the other hand, J. was able to purchase a more reliable vehicle today, which means he won't have to stop two or three times on his way home to put water in the cooling system. It will make his drive a lot less stressful. He is counting the days until we move, because the commute becomes increasingly miserable for him. We're down to 38 days until closing.

No, don't ask about that niggling little issue of earnest money.


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