See how Q. grows

Q. is getting bigger and bigger. He can flutter about with his wings, likes to be held and petted, and particularly likes to walk around on the kitchen table. His adult wings are continuing to grow in on his body, though the down under his wings is not starting to be replaced with real feathers and he looks a little scruffy. Today we also noticed that his head is starting to lose its chick fluffiness. Once the adult feathers all grow in we will be able to tell if Q. is a boy or a girl. Boy bobwhite quail have white patches of feathers on their face. 

You get quail pictures because that involves no thought. STILL no earnest money. I need to pay the down payment on the carpet and flooring so it can be ordered, but it is a lot of money. It is a particularly large sum of money if you are still feeling uneasy about your buyers. I'm just not sure I can pay the down payment with this much uncertainty. Of course, this also means that they cannot order the carpet and flooring. It also makes me a little nervous that we will lose our spot on the calendar to install it during the week the furniture is in storage. I vacillate between extreme stress to extreme anger to extreme despair. It's an exhausting way to live. Why, or why can't people just be nice and do what they say they are going to do?


Anonymous said…
Oh, Q is so cute. I love quail. I live in an apt.
but I dream of the "old days" when I had a real home,
room to garden, my chickens running around, the goat
who tried to climb the big bumps on the maple tree
trunk, room to plant interesting trees and varieties
of blueberries.
Thank you for sharing Q...I am so sorry about the
financial woes you have right now. Bless you all,
mary m, age 70

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