Quail tractor

Some of you may be aware that a chicken tractor is a movable outdoor coop for chickens. Yesterday, B. whipped up a quail tractor for Q. B. also is thinking that Q. is going to turn out to be a girl, since we aren't seeing the black and white markings on her face which would indicate she was a boy.

We had a great day yesterday, visiting with lots of friends. J. and I also got the garage sorted out and packed up. I'm afraid his weekends from here until the move are booked with fun activities such as this, working on areas of the house where I just don't know what needs to go and what can stay. We keep telling ourselves that at least it's not winter.

I'm also having some significant internet issues. Sometimes it works (such as at this moment), but more often than not, it doesn't. Our motivation for calling AT&T and getting it fixed (again) for just three more weeks is very low. So, if I don't post or return a message or email, it is probably because I can't. You may have to resort to the phone. It's a good thing I'm taking a month or so off from my freelance writing job. Turning in articles has been tricky.


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