Not so fluffy

Still. No. Earnest. Money.

The stress is roiling around inside of me non-stop, so you get animal pictures. Again.

Q. is getting bigger and is now in that awkward adolescent stage. His fluff is falling out and adult feathers are growing in and, it looks a bit goofy. He still peeps very loudly, still seems to enjoy having the cats sit on top of his box, and likes to walk around and peck at the pan of sod we put in his box for him. I do wish I could provide a birdy-friend, but am not sure that is going to be able to happen. We will need to come up with different accommodations for him as he gets bigger, so we can still keep him safe from the cats and allows him to see the things that are going on around the house. It would also be nice to come up with some outside accommodations for him, too. I'm afraid, though, he is just going to have to deal with the box until we move.

And for reference, he is now about as twice as big as he was a couple of weeks ago.


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