Monday move update, May 22, 2017

All this blogging about moving is sure to get worse before it gets better. I have nothing else inside my head. Please accept my apologizes in advance, with a promise to try to venture into other topics soon. Maybe when the earnest money appears. (It's still not there. Really. How could I make this up? It's like living in a bad novel at this point.)

Instead, I continue to spend money (or promise to spend money) that we don't really have yet. Today it was to finalize the carpet and flooring in the new house. We're all set to go, once we have possession. I will probably more than a little neurotic about the carpeting and what is and is not allowed on it for quite a while. Sticker shock is a real thing... and I think we've even got a pretty good deal.

Why do I have such trouble justifying the expense of the flooring? I'm really having trouble not feeling as though I'm spending money frivolously. I guess I've lived with questionable flooring surfaces for so long that paying for something I actually like feels wasteful. I am also quite sure that at this point in time, I'm not actually a completely sane person, so that could play into it as well. Does anyone else have trouble like this?

I also realized that on Saturday it was one month before the moving vans arrive. Yes, I panicked. There is still a lot to pack. Up to this point, the move have been so far out that it has been a bit hypothetical, but less than a month makes it seem far more real. That, and starting to say good-by to people. There have been a few moments where the realization that this is really happening has hit me, and it feels a bit shocking.

Because there is nothing else but moving in my brain, I asked the family if they would mind skipping dinner for the next month or so. Surprisingly they did not all jump on the band wagon. I suppose this means that I still have to cook and go grocery shopping as well as fix what is vaguely passing as dinner these days.

If this is all a bit too repetitive and rambling for you, then go and check out my latest article, which is not about moving. Changing a Child's Name After Adoption


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