It's time for...

the weekly Monday Move Update. I bet you all can't wait. It would be much more exciting if I had some truly positive news to share. But I don't. It's like this little game we're playing. They pretend they're buying the house, I pretend we're actually going to move, and hopefully somewhere along the line, we can all stop living in our little fantasy world.

In the meantime, I've put done a decidedly not imaginary deposit on the movers, as well as a deposit to the company who is going to get rid of anything else we don't put on the moving truck. I had forgotten exactly how expensive moving can be.

In other fun news, I've spent a good portion of the day up on the third floor where we have a very large pile of boxes already packed and stored. I should add, these boxes were packed and stored before we knew where we were going to be moving. There is something about knowing the space things are going to be going into, to make one reconsider exactly what one is taking. Thus, I realized what I really, really needed to do was to go through these boxes, untape them, look through them, sort, and repack them all. Sounds like fun, huh? (It's not.) But I also know I will thank myself when it comes time to actually move and then unpack. Plus, I now have a nice color coded labeling system, which should make it easier for the movers to get everything in its proper place, so I while I'm repacking can do that as well.

When I'm not unpacking and repacking boxes, I seem to be driving children around getting various orthotic devices repaired. K. had a bracket come off his braces over the weekend, and one of Y.'s AFO's had a clip which broke off. Off course, neither office was close to the other. One was a half hour south, and the other a half hour north. That equals two hours of driving for appointments which combined took less than a half an hour.

But at least the weather is glorious and the children are enjoying being able to play outside. Even Q. is having some fun due to the warmer weather. Earlier today, B. took some smaller people down to the local pet shop so they could spend some of their 'hard-earned' picture selling money. What did they buy? Small crickets so the quail could enjoy chasing them around and having a tasty snack.


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