It must be spring

I say that because my children have decided that it's warm enough to take their entrepreneurial selves outside and see how much money they can con earn from passersby. Today the sales even was pictures that they drew. And once again, the first few pictures were fairly decent and they took more than a minute to create. Demand was high, evidently, and I'm pretty sure quality went down as the day progressed. Did this stop people from throwing money at my children? No, it did not. I think the total for the day's sale was somewhere around $30. I kid you not.

I guess they are still young enough to get away with this. Of course, every year, I think, that the young and cute factor will play itself out, and every year I am proved wrong. They have big plans to continue the sale tomorrow. My suggestion would be to hit their stand early for best quality, unless like some people, the actual product doesn't matter. There were more than a couple of people who just handed them a few dollars as they passed by.

What are their plans for their new found wealth? I'm not sure, though A. was trying to work an angle to get them to chip in and help pay her phone bill. I do know that it will be burning a hole in more than a couple children's pockets until it can all be sufficiently spent. Yes, I'm on the fence about all of this.

I'm also afraid that living in the country is going to come as somewhat as a shock, what with no sidewalks or foot traffic at the new house. I'll be curious to see how they compensate.


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