I may develop an ulcer by the end of all this

I keep not writing, hoping I will have something positive to share, but I don't.

The trouble with selling a house the way we are, before actually going on the market, is that you are then between a rock and hard place, and have very little wiggle room when the potential buyers want to make additional demands.

The short story is that I'm not sure a barn will be built at any time in the near future on the new property.

I wish people could be nice.

And some significant earnest money in the bank would be even nicer.

At least the animals are getting along and the quail is still alive. (The cats lay on top of his box so often now, that we think he thinks that is what happens in the world. He peeps very loudly when they are NOT there.)


Katie Coons said…
I'm with you! We just made an offer on a place today... talk about that stomach flutter!

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