Friday Bullets, May 26, 2017

It's sounds as though the lawyers have finally come to a verbal agreement, the papers were all sent over, and now we just wait for a signature and earnest money. It all seems too good to be true, huh? Perhaps I'll make that flooring down payment yet.
  • I've been packing, but the younger people are having more fun. We are currently reading Swallows and Amazons for tea time, and as I expected, it has captured their imagination. Here is Y. with the firewood they have collected for their camp, and L. just walked in to ask if they could use the tarp in the garage to make a tent. If you haven't read these books with your children, you really, really should. 

  • My friend the H-S Family mom has been helping me to figure out how to reconfigure the kitchen in the new house to make it large family friendly. I really love the new plan, but of course, I'm concerned about cost. If I can find things like appliances and cabinets and such at used prices, we might be able to make it work. This is why I was wandering around a Habitat for Humanity ReStore yesterday. I was hoping to find workable cabinets. No luck there, but I did find a sink. Look... cast iron, big, single bowl... just what I was hoping for. $100! You really cannot beat that, especially since it looks as though it is brand new. We now have a very heavy sink decorating our front hall, along with a bunch of other stuff. We passed 'decorated' weeks ago. (And if anyone local is perhaps gutting their kitchen and is replacing their cabinets, let me know. I just might want them.)

  • I've spent the past several days packing up the school room. Other than the kitchen, this is the area that had the most stuff, plus it still needed sorting through. I'm almost done. See my empty shelves?

Here is what I'm giving away.

And here is what a fully stocked schoolroom looks when it is all in boxes. I will admit the amounts makes me a wee bit nervous for putting away on the other end.

  • Q. continues to grow. He is now losing his baby head feathers, so is looking more scraggly. I tried to get a picture, but he moves really fast and does not pose.

Here is a close-up of his back so you can see what his adult feathers look like.

  • Can anyone tell me how it got to be the end of May?
  • Our tea kettle of 26 years finally gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago, after nearly daily use. I broke down and bought an electric tea kettle, because everyone I know raves about them. I have to say, I am completely sold. It heats water so amazingly fast. Why did I not make the switch years ago?
  • R. is currently sleeping off a seizure she had this morning. It is the first we've seen in a long time. I'm more than convinced that her seizures are anxiety related, and the move is certainly causing her anxiety. Even worse, it is anxiety that she cannot process, and thus it has to come out in another form Seizures. Ugh
  • My endless posts about moving, are not exactly riveting reading, it seems. (I actually didn't think they were to begin with.) My stats are truly pathetic these days. So, thank you to those of you bearing with me through this move. I am really looking forward to the day when I have something to write about that is of more interest to me and to you. 


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