Friday bullets, Good Friday 2017

We are entering into Easter weekend and for once the holiday feels restful after this past week.

  • K., my budding engineer has been busy building bridges using blocks and books in his room. I asked him to take some pictures to share so you could see it.

So far it is sturdy enough to withstand Nefertiti investigating it, though I don't think she has actually tried to walk on the bridge.
  • We made it back to the library on Wednesday, much to the joy of the masses. I think we have now checked-out every origami book ever written. Did you know you can get books explaining how to make origami army vehicles? Well you can, because it is currently in my house. I think H., who is the usually origami book checker-outer might have been influenced by K. in that particular choice.
  • I checked out a bunch of books on house decorating. I like nothing more than a brand-new project.
  • It is very confusing having two houses under contract at the same time, especially when there are two different sets of lawyers and realtors. J. will tell me about a phone call, and I'll realize half-way through the conversation that I was thinking he was talking about the other house.
  • Quail watch will be starting soon. The little quails can begin hatching anytime from the 23rd on, though it seems Bobwhite quail can take up to five days past their designated hatch date to actually hatch. The good news is that I think little quail are growing inside six of the eggs. That poor little egg I cracked, but left inside the incubator just in case, remains cold and light. In comparison, the other six eggs feel heavier and are much warmer when I pick them up to turn them. I suppose I should be starting to look into getting food mix for baby quail.
  • Of course, moving with ten children, two adults, two cats, and one dog is going to made so much easier by adding in six baby quail. 
  • I can feel my stress levels plummet. I slept through the night without waking up for the first time in months. Even moving with all of the above family members feels easier than the not knowing.
  • This morning we went to our church's Good Friday Family Workshop, where there is a short worship service, snacks, and a craft. Here is what we came home with.

That's grass seed all waiting to sprout, and there's a rock to roll away on Sunday morning to show that the tomb is empty. In the meantime we wait. We wait celebrate the Good News of our God conquering death for us. 


Rebecca G. said…
Yay for a solid sleep! May you have many more of them...

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