Saturday, March 25, 2017

My to do list in pictures

Just a typical Saturday around here. I taught piano lessons while J. wrangled children and made pancakes. Not much cleaning has happened, but we've done some other things.

The folly is all primed and ready for its real coat of paint.

We have a new mailbox all ready to put up, to replace the hideous (and breaking) plastic one that I have detested from the moment I saw it 16 years ago. (Nothing like taking care of little things right away, huh?)

I got to the library, because (oh, the horror), I was out of any fiction that I wanted to read.

I also made it to the grocery store so we have food for tonight and the rest of the week. That always makes my children happy.

This is going to be turned into dinner.

While I was at the store, J. took the younger six to the park. It sounds as though it was a more exhausting trip than usual. I think I got the better end of the bargain this time.

D. also made his weekly bread and it is cooling on the kitchen table.

Thus, we have nearly made it to the end of the day. It was a close call there for a bit. The combination of having 70+ degree weather one day and 40-something degree weather with drizzly rain the next, is not making the masses terribly happy.

Now, to go and try to keep myself away from that stack of library books, and instead tackle the enormous laundry pile in the basement. If one was placing bets, it would probably be even odds as to which activity wins out.


Aunt G said...

Did there used to be a window on each side of the fireplace? And maybe a bookcase on the left matching the one on the right? The room is looking beautiful already. It's lovely moldings and windows didn't show much before. Great work!

Aunt G said...

EDIT! its, not it's!

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