Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lesser of two decorating evils

I posted this on my Facebook page, but thought you'd all like to play along, too. TM and I have been working all day up in the folly to make it look just a little more attractive. (It was... and is... the worst room in the entire house.) We have it all empty now, which was no small feat, and are moving on to slapping artfully applying paint to the walls. Like everything else in the house, we have chosen a lovely beige, the color which delights realtors and house buyers everywhere. That leaves us with the floor. The room has vaguely shag-like carpet laid down (not actually installed) on brown industrial-like tile. You know, the kind that was found in your school cafeteria. The whole packages is... not so attractive. Here's my question, which is worse? Leaving the carpet, which makes the room feel a little warmer and cozier, or taking up the carpet and showing the tile, and maybe finding a throw rug to put on it.

Ready? Head to the comments to vote. I honestly don't know which one is worse, as they are both pretty bad.


Anonymous said...

I'd vote tile with throw rug, so prospective buyers can see the actual flooring that is under the carpet (without having to lift the carpet).

Molly said...

I second tile and throw rug. It will give it a clean look.

Rusulica said...

I vote for tile, with or without throw rug. It would be more appealing and cleaner to me. Good luck!

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