Happy 19th Birthday, A.!

A. turned 19 yesterday. How can that be?! Really I'm sure it was just yesterday when she was my cute and bouncy three year old in pigtails. She may not be three, but she is still pretty cute and bouncy. No one can beat A. for energetic happiness when she is in a good mood. She is also my prime little girl wrangler as all of them adore her. Everyone was home last night to celebrate her birthday. (There were no presents to open because the bulk of her birthday gift from us is that pink hair on top of her head.)

G., A., Y., and P.


Birthday candles

She chose strawberries and cream for dessert. (That girl in pink is G.)

Happy birthday to my darling girl. You are smart and energetic and hard working and just a lot of fun to have around. I am proud of you and love so very much.
I think I forgot to mention that I have a new article published: When it Feels Like Your Child Hate You  Feel free to click and share.


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