Friday bullets on Saturday

The packing and cleaning out continues. It is productive, but not terribly useful for creating interesting blog stories.

  • D. had a very exciting week. A student of J.'s had two tickets to Hamilton which she couldn't use, so gave them to J. We decided that while it might be fun to see Hamilton, it should be D. who got first shot at them, seeing as how he has the entire score memorized and all. When we told him, he seemed rather underwhelmed, but as it got closer, M. (who scored the other ticket, though fisticuffs could have potentially broken out with B. over the honor) said that D. got more and more excited. He ended up loving every single minute. And these weren't any old tickets, but turned out to be front row, first balcony tickets, which means just about the best seats in the house. We are extremely grateful to J.'s student for this pretty fabulous gift.
  • We had two more people walk through the house this past week. My daydreams continue apace.
  • A dumpster is currently residing in our back yard and our basement is now cleaner than it has been in a very, very long time. A huge thank you to all the Thin Ice Theater members who came and helped sort through old sets and things and filled the dumpster up.
  • I think spring fever is starting to set in a bit. The amount of crazy running and yelling that has been going on here is starting to reach fever pitch, and every child I look at is wearing pants that seem to have become two inches too short over night.
  • It's not just pants, but shoes for some people. Y. seems to have grown through yet another pair of shoes, and this might put her at growing at least three shoe sizes in one year. 
  • We will most likely have a blizzard here in the next week or so, and if we do it will be all my fault. In order to make the mud room look huge and clean and inviting, we packed up all the snow gear... pants, gloves, hats, boots, etc. When I looked at the long range forecast before making that decision it didn't look too bad. Today? A high of 25 degrees and gloves are a hot commodity, especially for people putting junk in the dumpster.
  • There is a song that Flanders and Swann did called The British Bedstead Men about the group of men who secretly deposit one boot in every pond in England. You should listen to it; it's pretty funny. As I'm going through cleaning out various desks and drawers and such, I think I need to make my own version, not about rubber boots, but about Legos. It seems that someone in my family, I won't name names, but my guess is that his begins with a 'k', feels the need to deposit one Lego into every drawer and receptacle in the house. Just one, like a little tiny present. I don't know why, but there is a growing pile of Legos which K. looks at and says, "Oh, this is where ________ went!" Because evidently each little tiny Lego has it's own specific name.
  • A. has perfected the skill of making friends with people who are either only children or in very small families. As a result, she has been invited on quite a few family vacations to very nice places. For instance, on Tuesday she heads to Hilton Head, SC for a spring break trip with a friend. Of course, it also seems as though she has inherited my uncanny ability to bring rotten weather with her wherever she goes, since it is supposed to be not terribly warm there later this week. 
  • D. has been after me to teach him to make pie crust. Since we are celebrating M.'s 24th (!) birthday today, and pie was requested, I decided to make use of his enthusiasm. He did a terrific job with his first attempt and I did very little except make useful suggestions from the sidelines. He wanted me to share a picture of them. These are all ready to go in the oven.

  • As mentioned, today is M.'s birthday and we are all celebrating tonight. I've decided that once you are genuinely an adult that your mom will let you live your life and give you a life away from the blog. You don't know this, but I do pretty much ask my adult children before I share things about them.
  • J. had his last day at North Park on Thursday, which he said was odd and a little melancholy. He worked there for a very long time. On Monday he begins his new job bright and early in the morning. This means that his morning will actually begin quite a bit brighter and earlier in the morning due to the commute. It is going to be quite the switch for all of us. We are still figuring out vehicles. We had his car into the mechanic a week or so ago to make sure it was set for the greater amount of driving, and the mechanic pretty much said he wouldn't fix it because it wasn't worth it. The car will make the commute for a bit, but is not a long term solution. The search for an affordable (to us) vehicle that can stand three hours of highway driving a day continues. 
  • The clocks change again tonight. I didn't grow up with this craziness and I don't like it. Whoever thought this was a good idea? And why did everyone go along? I don't get it.


Alex and Riann said…
There is no surer way to bring on bad weather than to pack up the down jackets and mittens. I have always linked washing all the bedding (mattress covers, pillow protectors, duvets, etc.) to a stomach bug outbreak... On a more chipper note, thanks again for the fun peek into your week!
Katie Coons said…
Where is J working and where do you hope to find a house? Just wondering as I have family in Wheaton.
thecurryseven said…

He is working now at Aurora University, and we'll be looking (when we can finally look), at within a half hour drive of there. We're hoping to find a house with some acreage around it.

Katie Coons said…
Acerage would be great. We moved from Shanghai to a 200 year old farm house with 150 acres in Vermont. Quite the shift! The blizzard is just beginning here, but kids have become great skiers so I'm sure we'll be using them soon! Will be praying that the house sells for the price you need to relocate to your dream farm!

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