Bible Sunday times 3

Last Sunday was a busy day. Not only did we celebrate A.'s birthday, but it was also Bible Sunday at church, and we had three girls receiving their Bibles.

Y., G. (on left), and L.,

Here they are during the service, looking appropriately serious. G. and L. chose those dressed themselves because they decided they wanted to look alike for the occasion. Do you think they've grown a bit? Can we say leggy? They also had a grand time switching the non-matching head bands they were each wearing in order to confuse people as to who was who.

And here is the posed picture afterwards.

L. (on left), G., and Y.

The girls were all very, very excited to receive their first 'real' Bible. Y. already had a Mandarin Bible, so was excited to now have a Bible in English as well. They haven't really left their hands since Sunday.

And now, back to the mad cleaning. We have a couple more very interested potential buyers coming through first thing in the morning. Deep breaths....


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