Thursday, March 23, 2017

A work in progress

I don't think I've ever shown you one of the really, truly, ugly parts of the house. It's that room I've been talking about, which we've called 'The Folly' ever since we moved in. It earned its nickname because it is the room above the little garage which was (mistakenly, in my opinion) added on to the side of the house sometime in the 1920's. Wanna see?

The entrance to The Folly is through the living room. Here's the doorway. We're pretty sure this doorway used to go out to a lovely wrap-around porch which was taken off to make room for the ugly garage.

You go in and have to go up a short flight of stairs.

Here's the view of the room from the bottom of the stairs.

Oh, don't forget to look up to see the snazzy ceiling. This particular covering was also on the roof of my former kitchen when we first moved in. I don't miss it.

The room itself, before we pulled up the carpet. Yes, the fireplace works, but there is no flue covering and the insulation is an attempt to keep the cold air out.

The other side.

And continuing around the room. That doorway is at the top of the stairs.

Don't forget to overlook the paint job. I find it particularly mystifying why these colors were chosen to go with the brown carpet and the peach walls.

And the stripes around the ceiling. What you missed seeing were the orange and green plaid curtains that were in this room when we moved it. It was enough to make ones eyes bleed.

Here is the view out the windows to the front.

And the view out to the back. It really is just stuck on the side.

I had some helpers this morning. A ninja (G.)

and Superman (L.)

So we pulled up the carpet.

Because nothing can be simple or easy in this house, we discovered that the radiator was installed ON TOP of the carpet. We still need to cut it out.

The paint prep is nearly done thanks to my helpers.

I'm hoping we can start slapping carefully applying paint tomorrow.

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Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Wow. That is a spectacularly ugly room. I'm surprised you don't have children clamoring to occupy it. ;)

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