That room

I have spent the past two days working on boxing up the folly. It had become THAT room. You know, the room where you stash things you're not sure you're ready to get rid of, but don't know what to do with. Yes, THAT room. I have sent out far more garbage, recycling, and give-away stuff than I have put into the boxes. That's good, right? And like everyone else, I routinely kick myself for not having dealt with it all sooner. I think we just need some time away from certain things to learn we can live without them. The trick is to not let 16 years go by without revisiting those things a few times. It does accumulate.

I also now have to run. We have some people coming by to look at the house this afternoon and I need to spur the troops into action. This could be good. It could be very, very good. Or it could be a mighty big disappointment... I'm trying really hard to not get my hopes up, though I don't think I'm being terribly successful. We'd really appreciate anyone's prayers that this works out for the best. Sorry to be cryptic, but part of my desire to stay within the bounds of reality include not dwelling too much on possibilities, and I just can't write it all out just yet.


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