Monday, February 27, 2017

So many blue ribbons

Yesterday P. rode in a schooling horse show at the stable where she rides, and competed for the first time over fences. It was kind of a hard ride as her horse was not feeling at his most cooperative, but she looked good... I thought. The judges must have thought so, too, since she received two blue ribbons (first) and one yellow ribbon (third), as well as winning the class over all. I'm really proud of her.

And for some more Monday fun, I have a new article published: Funny Moments Being and Adoptive Parent


Lucy said...

"I'm going to adopt in my next life" (I read the link :-) ) That's a wonderful line. I'm going to start using it whenever I get in a situation that makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't want to discuss my ethics.

The possibilities are endless - "I'm going to watch the Super Bowl in my next life". "I'm going to reduce my carbon footprint in my next life". "I'm going to be a vegetarian in my next life".

Fyi I wouldn't say that about adoption though. That's something important to be done in the only earthly life God gives us.

thecurryseven said...

It's useful, isn't it? It's become kind of catch phrase for our family for anything we don't really want to do.


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