Neurology appointment

Boy, neurology appointments for two girls at a place an hour away, takes it out of a person. On the whole, though, the appointments went well, and I continue to work well with this neurologist. In fact, there were some high points. First, she was pretty darn impressed with the gains that R. has made. She also commented how both girls seemed so much calmer and appropriate in their behavior. Actually, she mentioned these things more than once, which showed exactly how struck she was by the improvement. At the end of the appointment, she asked me what kind of OT R. has been doing. I said that she wasn't seeing an OT, but that her life was one long OT session. The doctor then asked me if I had a therapy or medical background. It's taken a year, but I think that we have reached a point in our relationship where she acknowledged I just might have some clue as to what I am doing. I am so glad that we don't have to switch specialists with our future move, because it is tiring to reach this point with a doctor and I don't relish having to do it again soon. The other good news is that we have seen some improvement with R.'s seizures and have a plan for H.'s. Maybe this will all turn out to be the thing that does the trick.

Things were fine at home while I was gone with H. and R. The newest craze which has hit the household is sword making, using hammer, nails, and scrap wood in the basement. On the plus side, it has kept the rest of the house fairly neat, though I can't say the same about the workroom. I tell you, anyone with children suffering from cabin fever should hand their children these things. It has kept all my people occupied for hours at a time. I also think all fingers are still intact, which means they must be improving their hammering skills as well.
I don't normally do this more than once, but please take a look at The Special Needs Adoption Guide that was recently published. It could do with a little bump in its stats.


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